I insert my opinion where it doesn’t belong:

I learned about male privilege in 1990/91 at Hampshire, which was what’s now called white male privilege, although I’d probably prefer something like “dominant sociocultural (or subsociocultural) regime member”, as the phenomenon can be generalized to include situations that apply to more than white male cis situations where there is a blindness to one’s own status.

That being said, whatever the terminology of the phenomenon is, I agree it’s an issue that is particularly difficult when it becomes polarized as it has been.

I insert my opinion where it doesn’t belong: I have learned my place when it came to my opinion: Open mouth, insert foot: I’ve had women in group situations through the years tell me, “Nobody asked your opinion”, at which case I’d apologize and leave the room: A case where my white male privilege was checkmated successfully.

I’m ok with it. It took a while to learn: “It’s not always about you, Ken”. But I did. It’s freedom to be honest. I just wait ’til somebody wants my opinion and asks it, unless I’m in a forum where expression of opinion is encouraged.

Instead, I am supportive and am only contrary if it seems quite important. Most of the time, people just want the freedom to do things the way they do them and so, I don’t interfere so much.

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