I imagine my tap is activating a number of hidden telegraph operators in my phone,

Subjectively, linguistic adjectification beneficial with regards to the passification, normalisiticalization and obfuscation of meaning, propensitizes unilaterally the job creation capabilities within many sectors prone to otherwise being revealed as the trivial things they really are.

When I type things out on my smartphone, I imagine my tap is activating a number of hidden telegraph operators in my phone, converting the button press to correspond to sounds in ‘dit dot’ form more appropriate to today’s needs, but still dit-dots and that there’s millions of potential telegraph operator jobs lost due to this horrendous use of new technology.


I know smile emoticon It’s swapping one code for another tongue emoticon [I learned morse code in boy scouts and when modems came out (well, when *I* got one – my first was 300bps), I’d type a letter and listen for the code. I could ALMOST hear what I was typing with my eyes closed. If I did it slow enough i could recognize a few letters well.

But with current speeds now, we’d have to slow down the audio tremendously. But in my mind, it’s no different at all, just faster and with better error correction.


oh and compression algorithms. The compression algorithms make it a little tougher to decode the audio ’cause then I’d need a pen and paper and a calculator.

Still not impossible but tricky.

Lots of horses lost their jobs with the car. But they’re horses. Sorry fellas. tongue emoticon I’m not worried though. If enough jobs are lost to robotics + automation (as they’ve been doing for hundreds of years, ever since the weaving machine in the 17th century), we’ll make new ones.

And if there’s not enough new ones, well, then those tech companies eating up all of the jobs will just have to share by increased taxation so that people can stay home to eat doritos and play video games on a more nationwide scale. tongue emoticon

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