I hope you continue making the wonderful vids that you make

someone liked one of my asmr videos I did and boosted my confidence — he siad this

it was a psychological defense mechinisum that I had developed from childhood trama. But the ones that cut the deepest the is the hurtfull things that family can say. I finally went to see a psychiatrist to see why I was having the problems that I was having and I was quite supprised at what the psychiatrist said. One thing I learned is that people that tear others down and act like they’ve got it all together, are some of the most disorganized people. It makes them feel better about themselves. when they tear others down because in all actuality it’s because their own life they have everything that’s out of control and when they do it to others it give them a sense that they have control over something. I hope you continue making the wonderful vids that you make. I let people that like to tear others down that their opinion doesn’t matter nor is it going to ruin my day and that hey just wasted their time. Don’t let fucktards determine who you are as a person or trample on your happiness ever.

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