I hope they don’t prescribe it for the coupons.

Unfortunately, OxyContin is Heroin. Once the parents and school system are no longer there to support the person on Oxycontin, they will likely have to turn to heroin or other opium-based products in order to continue functioning.

I know it serves a purpose and it can be helpful in the functioning of people who otherwise might have little other options. But it’s a lifelong option. The opium den of the 1800s lives on.

I’ve tried morphine once or twice. Always made me throw up. So, it’s not a drug I’d ever use/need. Oh well. Can’t fix society and maybe they know something I don’t. Maybe.

But it’s a permanent solution. I hope they don’t prescribe it for the coupons. I worked for a pharmaceutical company for a few years. Doctors love the coupons. There’s limits – $100 value each visit. In the old days, they’d take the doctors out to baseball games and things. Such is the industry. Always ask for generics when you get prescribed something new or ask if an older alternative might work just as well. It’s not that you’re a test subject… but you kinda are a test subject… and often older meds work just as well and can avoid the potential that you’re a coupon maker.

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