I haven’t been conned but I *have* been cornered.


  • I’ve been conned – well, more cornered than anything. Not online but IRL as a teenager. One of those “throw the basketball” and win a plushie. New York City. I actually knew the scam from the first throw but felt myself surrounded and felt as if I *had* to continue. Before i knew it, all my money was gone. Then he gives me $20 back of my money and says “double or nothing”. Ugh, it was awful.

    It happens. I mean, you have to believe _something_ of what people say. All they have to do is lie convincingly and that doesn’t take much.

    2+2 always = 4. See, a convincing lie. Easy.

    Thankfully, I was raised on shows like, “Fight Back with David Horowitz on NBC” (consumer activist show) in the 80s, learned to stay close to the driver on field trips, and got a crash course in male bigotry and sexism in the media in 1990. Oh, and an avid reader of Consumer Reports as a teenager and read lots of “don’t accept what people tell you just because it’s what you want to hear” type messages hiding in science fiction books, TV shows, non-fiction books, even the church I grew up with (Methodist).

    So… while I was probably born to be a sucker, I got good enough training to manage not to get conned… although getting cornered irl is another story – hence, why I like the Internet better; more time to think
  • Kenneth Udut Oh and a steady diet of George Carlin’s “it’s all bullshit” philosophy. Big influencer – and a general “New Jersey” ‘I don’t believe it even if I see it unless I *want* to see it and it makes sense to *me* personally” attitude.


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