I have yet to find an era without shitty music

I have yet to find an era without shitty music. As time passes the shittiest *usually* gets forgotten but as an 80s kid, when 80s music became memes I went looking for a mirror I could stand in front of and shoot a raygun at.



My representative song for 90s music:

[although I could bring up Wheezer, Tool (sorry but it was overplayed), Black Hole Sun… although I kinda liked Ganga Rap at the time… but mostly I tried to avoid music in the 90s and especially the early 00s with ICP and shit.

I think a lot of music started improving in the 10s though.. but then there’s Jacob Sartorios so…


Ah! Much better pick for the 90s. I can’t help but think of every Quinton Tarantino movie when I hear this song and tbh, I never liked Quintin Tarintino movies or similar ones nor the culture of pricks it justified. But that’s my bias. I like some other Smash Mouth though. [this song isn’t bad – I just have a negative link in my head to Tarintino movies which is odd because I don’t know if he even used it]


Same can be said for Coldplay but in both cases, they have way of getting stuck in the head…. forever.

I liked one or two of them, a little too cartoonish stereotypey for me but mostly it’s some of the people it generated, who would quote lines from every one of his movies non-stop.

But then again, I never saw Fight Club either. [too many people desperately wanted me to see it and would never stop quoting from it. That was enough for me to avoid it.



[I try to keep a clear head and avoid earworms whether movies that get stuck in the brain or songs. During my Minecraft phase between 2012-2014 (running a server) I got caught up in the culture a little and this damn video/song got stuck in my head so whenever the original Coldplay version plays in a supermarket or something, I’m like “that poor king :: sniffle :: fuck you coldplay-for-getting-in-my-brain”  

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