I have what’s called an “epic beard”. or “awesome beard”.

For the sake of all men, thank you for not continuing to wear the pornstache. Really makes us all look bad beyond the age of 25 tongue emoticon

I’ve been lucky. I HATE SHAVING, so I started growing a beard, once in my 20s, and again in my late 30s and ever since (43 now).

I use a dog-hair trimmer sold for humans by Wahl and use it as little as possible, usually when someone complains.. or if hairs are trailing down my neck.

I have what’s called an “epic beard”. or “awesome beard”. No idea why I have it, but I’m glad to. Google+ in their early facial recognition days, tagged me as “The Most Interesting Man In The World”, and my name was attached to that guy who sold the beer… ’cause our beards were similar I guess… or maybe the hairline.

I let it go to my head sometimes ’cause why not? tongue emoticon

My forehead is getting taller and taller and I’m doing the stereotypical middle aged thing of “recapturing youth” by growing it long again. [my profile picture is me now next to me at the age of 17/18].

I don’t have a convertible though. I suppose there’s that at least tongue emoticon

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