I have to get over my ancient bias. Music making on screen interfaces aren’t going to change.

I’ve been making music since I was in the high chair, slumped over yet my fingers were always tapping out something.  [one day they realized I was tapping out christmas carols with my fingers]

I’ve also been programming computers since at least 11 years old on my Color Computer II and never stopped.

Once, I merged the two together as a teenager, learning to program my own instruments with a special programming language that I totally mastered, and that _time forgot_ – all because *THIS CAME OUT*


and influenced the course of computers and music ever since, even to today, with FL Studio, the top music making software out there.

This particular software dates from *1986* – and I hated it.  Hated it, hated MOD Trackers, hated sequencers… hated the whole format.  Said “screw it” to merging music and computers (and besides, ‘adult life/responsibility crap” got in the way)

I kept programming.   I kept making music.  The only place they ever merged together is with WAV files, MP3s, stuff like that.  Always editing sound files.

But using the computer as  _MUSICAL INSTRUMENT_?  Nope.  I’d download software through the years, whoever was the latest and greatest… (usually Fruityloops, now FL Studio, but others as well)… and they all ended up looking, to my eyes, just like this crap and my brain said, NO NO NO NO NO NO NO.

Well, I gotta get over myself.  I had some good luck making music in Minecraft – that was more my style… and _maybe_ I’ll finally hunt down this ancient DEMON, learn tracking software, *give in* to the format I so hated for so very long.

Mostly because of this one thing I suddenly realized tonight:

I’m a pro at spreadsheets – mostly Microsoft Excel.

*Trackers are like ancient spreadsheets!* [with a crappy interface]

Maybe thinking of it as a spreadsheets with a crappy interface, and I can finally get over my ancient bias.

If I do decide to get over it, it’s a big deal for me.  And… watch out if I do.  Let’s see if I do… or if I’m just full of crap and fooling myself :P

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