I have substance. Not being noticed, I don’t disappear.


  • Yes, for many people “not noticing” is considered a sign of rudeness. Like you said, it’s a reaction-thing more than an intent-thing… although there is an implied intent (because you did think them important enough to notice).

    So they’re partially correct… in a strange way I suppose.

    Still, the whole “Social Game” is annoying just the same. “Don’t notice me” = “You’re rude” = “I’m not important to you” = “You don’t love me”… etc. Very mathematical game… and I don’t care for playing it.

    I stick to basic social graces. “Hi”. I like “Hi”. Or a grunt. I can grunt. But if I don’t get it? Doesn’t matter. I usually prefer to slide through social situations unnoticed anyway. Their lack of acknowledgement of my presence doesn’t make me suddenly disappear. I’m not constructed by their noticings. I have substance.


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