I have enough to turn anything into anything.

I found myself being seduced into FORTH. Conceptually.. so _close_ to the inner workings of the machine yet so simple because it allows you the power to create and name such basic processes as “IF/THEN” statements.. make them your own.. oh I was tempted. I had to get back to reality though before I learned too much of it. Had a similar experience with LISP. Erlang is grabbing my attention because it’s in _practical_ use daily serving millions… and it’s also quite simple. Not just telecommunications but quantum cmoputers..

I thought about learning Awk but I’ve noticed that I need to see everything laid out in front of me – hence, spreadsheet. I never trust the data I’m handed.

A lot of stuff I do requires cleaning up dirty data – and in fact, that’s what I prefer to do. I like cleaning up a mess. Once I can automate something completely, it gets kinda boring. “Oh look, it works perfectly everytime, then I’m bored. tongue emoticon

The challenge I enjoy is having a notion and working through to completion. I suspect any tools would work for that. If i was on a Unix box or Linux machine, I suspect I’d be using lots of Awk. But I don’t hang around programmers, and most Linux ppl I know online are of the GUI times rather than the command-line times and wouldn’t know Awk.

[in the end, it’s probably because I have all the tools I need to accomplish things and don’t need to reinvent the wheel. I counted a few months ago – 550 installed programs on this poor laptop. Not that I use them all, but I have enough to turn anything into anything.

And lisp… when I heard about Quantum computers and LISP I thought, *I HAVE TO LEARN THIS!* – and I started learning it.
Lisp somehow led me to Erlang. But I guess in the end, programming language interests are conceptual only. Once I get the ‘gist’ of the thinking behind them, I end up going back to “whatever I have on hand” – or “download a tool that does it” routine.

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