I have an example from my town: Naples, Florida.

I have an example from my town: Naples, Florida.
Last night, a cleaner from a 3rd party cleaning service, for some reason, jumped the 4.5 foot fence, went to the cage where a single rare tiger, Eko was, and he put his hand in the cage, either to pet or feed the tiger. (only 200 left in the wild)
The tiger grabbed a hold of his arm and pulled his arm in and starting mauling him. He called 911. 911 got a police officer on scene.
The officer asked if anybody had any tranquilizers, nobody did, so he shot the tiger, killing it, the jaw relaxed and the man with the now mauled arm was free and could be airlifted to the hospital for emergency treatment.
The zoo did nothing wrong. They have a professional team of people to shoot tranquilizers and sedate animals during normal business hours. The guards are not at fault because you don’t need to watch a cleaning company clean bathrooms. You expect professionalism.
911 dispatch is not at fault and neither is the policeman who shot and killed the rare tiger.
And of course the man is at fault for causing the drama – that’s a given – and humans do stupid things all of the time. That’s part of any community.
But: who set up 911 dispatch in the local community? Who set up the array of services available for the 911 operator to direct to?
Why did the 911 dispatch have only one option here?
Is it possible for a 911 dispatch to perhaps have a larger array of emergency services at their disposal to answer in situations?
“Every problem is a nail” comes to mind.

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