I have a Tandy VGM-390 as well on a Windows95 computer.

I have a Tandy VGM-390 as well on a Windows95 computer.

I’m using Plug-n-Play VESA DDC driver and it seems to be working
quite well.  I only run @ 640x480x16.7mill colors though.  My video
card is a buggy Cirrus Logic 5429 (either that or the 486/80 ‘overdrive’
chip is screwing things up (I paid only $50 for the computer part of
this so I’m not complaining :) ) and so I have to use UNIVBE for it
not to lock up)…

Anyhow – this set up seems to work well for me for now.  I no longer
have the specs on the monitor (although Tandy FAXback (and probably
their website) does have the info (refresh rates, etc) if I ever look
into it).

You might want to try www.windows95.com to see if anybody happened to
send a driver to them.  Othecomp.sys.tandyrwise, Tandy web site or Tandy FAXback.

And if you find something, please send me e-mail or, better yet, post
to this group (I’m a regular reader).  If I find anything, I’ll post
it to this group.


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