I have a strange relationship with matter though. I’m grateful that the chair holds me up

Yes, I believe that I am conscious and have thoughts and feelings. I don’t think I *am* all of my thoughts and feelings; but certain there is a “me” in there that can observe the thoughts and feelings as they go by and has a sorting capacity that has a voice.

Are things real? Yes, I believe so. I don’t think objectivity is the be-all, end-all of reality because of my bias: I am introspective to a fault; it’s kind of annoying at times, to have to work hard to engage socially, while the inner dialogue does what it does, trying to consciously sort things out all of the time.

Will I float to the ceiling right now? Not likely, although if it happened, while I’d be momentarily surprised and concerned, I’d accept it. I don’t expect it _not_ to happen, just that it’s unlikely.

I have a strange relationship with matter though. I’m grateful that the chair holds me up, yet I don’t always expect it to. I don’t know if the Pauli Exclusion principle will suddenly just “stop” excluding the electrons of my body and allow the center of gravity for me and the center of gravity for Earth to decide to want to meet up.

Do I expect it? No. Not at all. Do I consider it statistically likely? Nope. But I don’t fully discount it as being impossible. Just extraordinarily unlikely.

It’s like trying to reach mathematical zero through a pure process dividing by 1/2 and 1/2s again (Zeno I think?)

I’m of two minds:

a) I know I’ll never reach zero. The possibility of ‘anything’ always remains for me.

Yet more importantly

b) I’m practical and pragmatic. While in a pure sense I will never reach 0 by going half and half and half again… I know I just have to pick up my darn foot when I get close enough and take a step.

So, such is how I am. As much as I allow my mind the freedom to allow anything as possibilities, being a human being here on this planet at this point in time in history, the laws of nature as much as we know them, generally work just fine. And things that go beyond are fine for fantasy. [Einstein was always a favorite regarding that stuff, and ideas regarding pure mathematics or pure this or that are fun] – my primary is the here and now and the pragmatic. I ride both horses simultaneously, but I try not to let idealism get in the way what’s in front of me too much.

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