I have a problem with extremism.

I take nothing as self-evident.
I go primarily by my own experiences and the histories I am familiar with, which is a reading of history that shows an overall cooperation between scientific inquiry and religious groups, primarily because for the majority of human history, the two were intertwined.

Scientific inquiry was seen as a way of seeing into God’s wonders and all that stuff.

It’s only in very recent modern history that the attitude has shifted, I’d start around the 1840s primarily and even then, primarily due to extremist groups. Bible Only was novel. Millenialists. Other unorthodox concepts began emerging as well.

Among stable churches, among citizens who live in civilized countries, holding jobs, working with the public, dealing with a cosmopolitan array of people, there’s not been any kind of issue between science and the church of their attendance.

But you find that kind of issue in isolated communities.

You find that kind of issue in neo-fundemantalist sects of major religions.

I have a problem with extremism.

But I don’t have a problem with moderation. With people who accept the secular and the sacred equally without conflict. Adults. Reasonable people who aren’t drawn to extremeism, whether extreme atheism or extreme… whatever their belief system is.

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