I have a keen sense of awareness of my whole body “suit”

I have a strange sense of touch. I can feel the damn network of nerves sometimes and it’s kind of annoying really. Not painful just annoying.

They diagnosed me with cerebral palsy and they had me training with balance and touch. Lots of feeling fuzzy things, rough things, getting poked with a needle here and there to see what I felt and didn’t feel. Also worked with balance and stuff, all before the age of 5.

Anyway, it worked. I’m fine.

But I have a keen sense of awareness of my whole body “suit” and what’s touching what and where, whether it’s something outside of my body, or one part of my body touching another part.

I get the extended-body-when-working-with-a-tool thing via touch, but the vision doesn’t play as much of a part.

Unfortunately, rubber hand trick doesn’t work for me. I never got the synthesia between vision and touch because I had consciously learned to be hyper-aware of touch and pressure and learned subtle differentiation and location.

Wish it was _useful_ for something but it’s really not. Makes it easy to self-hypnotise I guess. [relax from the top of the head down to the feet thing is easy] so that’s something I suppose.

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