I have a cultivated indifference as well but it has an icing and core of care.

I have a cultivated indifference as well but it has an icing and core of care. I actually care very deeply for humanity – that’s why I bother talking to people. But what I want to help isn’t what people do or believe but their approach to life and themselves.

Absurdism seems to work. Friendship (on a very shallow level) seems to work. I don’t like getting much deeper than that. I avoid drama and if I find someone prone to drama I try to get them out of it as fast as possible for their OWN sanity and for my own. Makes the world a better place I think. Some people hate me in the process ’cause they love their drama but they’re just the ones I can’t help. Most people are reasonable when you prick beneath the shields of ideologies they’re wearing.


I have a crap back but I can chop wood like crazy if I make my stance correctly. Feels manly, gotta admit. Strong chest and arms and legs, little toothpick lower back. Tightening the stomach works


Never been past Colorado. Everybody tells me that “I belong in Washington / Oregon”. My personality type I guess. But I always felt like a closet Canadian. Still, don’t like the cold so, maybe Brazil…. eh, then I’d have to learn Portuguese a little better. (I cheat with Google Translate, although I used to know a few Brazilian chat phrases). Meh. I need coffee. Seattle? That’s made of coffee isn’t it? Something about Starbucks comes to mind.

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