I have a Bunn. I love my Bunn.

I have a Bunn. I love my Bunn. I don’t care if it wastes electricity and uses up carbon credit and burns coal to wreck the atmosphere. It makes really good coffee. I also am everything unholy:

a) I use and like Sweet-n-Low
b) I use and like Powdered “Creamer”.


Believe me, I had espresso makers (stovetop and electric), percolators, weird vacuum thingie, a few French Presses…. made it cold in the fridge (the ‘concentrate’ recipe)..

..and in all the ways I tried to improve it… couldn’t.

Boring is best when it works.


For me (this is where the religious denominations REALLY start splintering off for coffee), I discovered [for myself only – I do not speak for the world here]:

a) Columbian is #1
b) Arabica is #1

Anything good is a variation of the two.

This is my religion, having tried various coffees from around the planet. Columbian coffee and the particular strand of Ethiopian coffee known as Arabica are hard to beat for:

a) cheap
b) available
c) consistent

I also drink instant on occasion. It has a unique flavor all of its own and it is not a direct substitute for coffee but more like a special hot drink with its own unique characteristics. I MUST be offending _somebody_ by now.


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