I had an apple. I had lemon

I had an apple. I had lemon juice. Hm. Lemon juice is an antioxidant. I wonder if it’s really true? Yup. It is. 5 seconds to put the lemon juice on it. 2 seconds to cut it many hours later. 5 mins to take the pic, add a few words and post it. Done.

From Facebook in the last 16 mins:

JH They can rust? Oh my gosh, I’m a Terminator!

16 minutes ago

JH I can safely say that, we are Mega Man characters. Scorch blade, go! XD

13 minutes ago

Kenneth Udut You’re right! Our blood is full of Iron. The stuff that makes it Red. Liquid Metal. (not magnetic though – that would just be too MUCH fun)

5 minutes ago

Kenneth Udut Actually, it’s kinda like Minecraft . The Red Blood Cells are Iron Minecarts that carry Oxygen to every single corner of the body, from the end of your pinky toe to the middle of your brain, to around your eyeball. We are Metal Men.

2 minutes ago

JH: Red Stone, powering our pistons (bones) and our heart is basically a Red Stone torch, the source of power.

about a minute ago

Kenneth Udut omg now somebody HAS to make a replica of the Human Body using redstone mechanics. wow. Mind=Blown.

JH Awwwwwwwwwwww yeah!


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