I hack my way through projects using whatever I can at the time.

Never learned JAVA though. I hack my way through projects using whatever I can at the time. For some features on the Server that people wanted – or that *I wanted*, I’d find several plugins that, when used together along with some scripts of some kind, would make them perform the same functions.

I _did_ have some good luck using the JSONApi that came out. That gave me a LOT of flexibility.


I mean, I can edit JAVA.. I just… never liked the whole ‘publishing’ aspect of it all. Actually, I never cared much for programming that required the whole packaging process. I guess I like more script-y type programming. Immediate feedback, I could leave hooks open to whatever I needed to use and I didn’t have to make it a complete ‘thing’ that had to stand all by itself.

But, if someone put a gun to my head and I HAD to learn JAVA for a project of some kind, I’d do it. Most computer languages are comparible once you figure out the quirks of a particular one.


I think it’s about the same. This thing is either 6 or 8G – I don’t remember… don’t remember the core either. I like it. It stays on this back lanai (porch) 24/7, always plugged in and has suffered through whatever weather Naples, Florida brings it, although I’ll bring it in if it’s windy *and* rainy.

Big fan of them. Good laptop, cheap price, no complaints.

ah here – “Pentium B970 @ 2.30Ghz – 6GB RAM (though it had 8 – oh well tongue emoticon ) – 64 bit. The 64 bit pissed me off for a while, as I had a lot of 32-bit only stuff. But after a while, I was able to find servicable 64-bit replacements for most things… and I LOVE the extra address space now.

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