I guess to each their own

I guess to each their own. I started watching at 6.5 with my grandmother in NJ USA, in 1978 (don’t remember much) – I remember watching from 8 yrs old. I was watching it by myself at 11 when the simulcast 5 Doctors episode played live across 1/3 of the planet which was exciting.
I lived through the 1.5 yr downtime during the curly blond hair guy and thought it was doomed. Then I watched the style change with 7 which I hated (far away shots instead of closeups so I didn’t know what was going on – and I hated the Doctor being called “Professor”….
..and then it was all over. Gone. 1989. Finished. Forever.
I didn’t follow the books or audio. I was a TV Doctor who guy.
I was shocked when it came back all those years later.
So, I’m grateful. It sucks when it goes away forever and the Doctor’s constant changing is part of the canon. They have invented new backstory as long as I’ve watched it and this meshes perfectly from my perspective.
But maybe if I’d been into the other parts of the Doctor Who lore I’d have feel differently, I dunno.
I don’t think my opinion has any more authority. I just suffered through years of Time Cop, Sliders, and other dimensional travel shows but NOTHING came close to Doctor Who.
It’s a treasure I didn’t expect to see return and I’m grateful for its continuation and trust the process.
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r To be honest, I’m not big on Science Fiction/ fantasy as a whole. I should but
I tried other things. But I never finished Lord of the Rings even. Doctor Who put a good scar on my brain when I was little and I keep go back to it.
Honestly it’s probably the TARDIS + the Doctor’s eccentric personality. Ever changing, always fluid.
Logopolis got me interested in learning about theoretical physics which I almost pursued. The childlike personality reminded me to never forget what it’s like to be a child and I haven’t.
49. Watched since I was 6.5 (New Jersey, USA) with my grandma. Saw the simulcast 1983 5 Doctors episode live. Suffered through Sliders / Time Cop / Quantum Leap / etc just to get a Doctor Who fix.
I don’t even like most Science Fiction all that much.
The TARDIS and the Doctor’s eccentricity held me. The Doctor’s childlike wonder despite everything is eternal and told me as a child to “never forget what it’s like to be a child” and I haven’t.
It served me well.

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