I guess I’m about as agnostic as can be. I’m a believer and also not a believer and neither.

I never reached a conclusion, perhaps different upbringing. I was raised Methodist, did Sunday School and the whole bit. But God was always a vague thing, there was no Hell or anything really overly dramatic. Even the stuff about heaven was minimal.

The message was basically, “Be a good person and do good things for others because it’s a good thing to do.”

So, I never had a strong God thing. I tried going deep into it in my late 20s; from Vipassana Medication to Quaker, to Unitarian all the way over to Eastern Orthodox Christian super-convert for 5 years, even doing the monastery thing for a short bit.

Then ten years of business and going deep into Science.

So, I’m 43. About as agnostic as can be. I neither believe nor don’t believe. I simply don’t know. God or not, I’m here and being a good person without being a pushover and finding the good in others while asserting myself when it’s important to me, is all I do.

I see God as a synonym for other things, nothing more really. If it is more, then that’d be fine too.

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