I gotta hand it to Common Sense Media. They really *do* give a straight-forward review of things because they know parents will bring their kids to see it and at least they’ll know what they’re in for. Sounds like it’s one of those “definitely not for kids” movies and yet, South Park wasn’t for kids. 1/2 the music made isn’t for kids. But it becomes part of their culture just the same. At one time, Common Sense Media was a bit more Christian right – a very long time ago though. But they’ve long since done a very good job of speaking as plainly as possible: and even with this movie that they say is definitely not for kids, they manage to put together a list of “questions to ask your kids” if a parent does decide to take them anyway. I don’t know the value of the “teachable moment” concept for all situations, or even if these questions would be good or not, but at least they’re trying because no matter how many people say “This isn’t for kids”, it wouldn’t make a difference because parents each make their choices and it’s good that this resource does its best to do something to assist. And this movie, because it uses the same animation style as is used in children’s entertainment *will* eventually trickle down.

Sausage Party – Movie Review via http://ift.tt/2bs0v1X

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