I got the chicken pox 2 years before they recommended it for all adults.

“I have come down with chicken pox, never having had it before, not knowing what exactly to expect from it. I am glad to be getting it now at age 25 rather than later on in life, where I’ve heard it can be more dangerous, although knowing that makes it no less scary.”
May 3, 1997

Chicken pox vaccine was released in the US in 1995.
I got the chicken pox May 3, 1997.
They recommended all adults get chicken pox vaccine in 1999.
Do the date math.  It’s why I’m pro-vaccine.

Sometimes being early isn’t _always_ a good thing.  It sucked.



Three weeks. Three intense weeks. Definite PTSD from it although after 18 years, _most_ of the trauma has subsided. [the slightest itch would bring back waves of memories – think how many times you scratch yourself per day without thinking about it? Yeah. I thought about it. Every time.]

I’m glad they have a vaccine for it now and the experience gave me empathy for many related illnesses and for sufferers in general… so it wasn’t all bad. But still… ugh.

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