I got my modem in 1989, same year I got my Tandy 1000 TL (286) and got online.

Almost. Here’s me at 11 yrs old with my first computer: A Tandy Color Computer 2. 1983. I always wanted the Model 100 because it was portable and I wanted a portable computer I could take with me everywhere.

I got my modem in 1989, same year I got my Tandy 1000 TL (286) and got online. I only hooked this thing up to the modem a few times. Been online ever since then.

From 1983-1989 and a little beyond though, I ALSO had an interest in CB Radios and made a lot of friends that way.

So listening to modem transmissions was a natural thing for me to try.


Wait – that didn’t logically follow. My interest in CB Radio made it natural for me to enjoy chat rooms and social networking online, including Facebook when it came out. it’s another version of the CB radio to me.

My interest in listening to modem sounds is because I ALSO had an interest in morse code, auditory encryption/decryption methods, and languages as a teenager and today.

I tripped over a paper by this guy named Shannon in high school and he went over the “redundancy of English”. Totally fascinated me. I didn’t know he was significant – I just wanted to know about what’s minimally required to communicate and a librarian directed me to a book that had his 1940-something paper in it. the parts I understood fascinated me to no end.


Awesome. Yeah BASIC was my first. 1989 was first “PC-Link” (precursor to AOL), and local BBSing, then “The Internet” (and BITNET) in 1990/91 at college, and when I came back home, I kept trying to bring the Internet and BBSing together because once I touched the Internet, I could feel its raw power. Totally envigorating because it wasn’t just one server (BBS) I was connecting to, but ALL of them.



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