I go outside

Yeah – I think you’re probably more introverted – I’m the same way. I can be myself with another person. But when it’s two or more “other people”, it’s too much pressure. I manage, but I try to find a dark, quiet room at SOME point in any social gathering or better still, I go outside


I’m a good “greeter”. If I see someone who is “out of place” at a party and ignored, I spot them a mile away and as long as we get into “deep discussions” really quickly, and I get them talking about their “nerd side” (everybody has a nerd side / geek side), I can manage ok. Letting the other person do most of the talking helps.

But when I get on _my topics_… well, finding ppl who are willing to listen to me speak at length is hard tongue emoticon


So maybe it’s not greeter.. but “misfit spotter”. If I find a misfit, I put my “mentor mask” on. I can handle that role ok for a while.





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