I fully _expect_ to see you online again, perhaps in a different form.

is.  Thank you for all of your witty responses and support through all the time you’ve been here.  We are friends and will always remain friends, whatever network you find me in.  [I’m easy to find].

I really hope you stay; maybe have a “On vacation from G+” sign on your front door here on G+…

…maybe you can start up another account with a new identity and put it aside for now as you pursue other things.

I won’t beg you to stay; I understand your choice; yet, I selfishly will miss seeing your name show up in comments now and again as I enjoy the things you have to say quite a lot.

You seem to understand me at a different level than many people; you have a depth to you that is rare and, while it may sound creepy to others, I fully expect that I will see you again online in a different form.  A different name perhaps.   Perhaps your birth name.  Perhaps another name altogether.  I let people chose what they wish to be called.  Knowing your birth name is a nice bonus but I can just as easily allow myself to forget if requested.

I hope you decide to stay, as I will miss you.  But if you go, please check in now and again, either here or another identity, and say… “Hey Ken, remember me?”

Because.. no matter how long it is, I will.

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