I found that _so much_ is ENTRENCHED.

Man after my own heart. Having gone through a mapping project as part of my studies of human conceptualizations of reality (and their flaws and good points), I found that _so much_ is ENTRENCHED.

A simple mapping project. I wanted to take a virtual world created over a couple of years by a few thousand people on my computer (Minecraft) and wrap it over a planet, just not this one.

Shouldn’t be hard to do. It’s one coordinate system to another.

Nope. It has been unbelievably difficult. ALL THE TOOLS are geared towards _this_ planet and *its* mapping – each coordinate system referring to the others, without a generic tie-in. A lot of woo yay was made over an alternate coordinate system available for Mars and another for the Moon.

But to find a simple pixel coordinate system within the land of GIS? I had to use all kinds of tricks. I wanted to use the same nice tools that NASA uses and such but, nope, everybody’s still stuck on this planet and with all the stuff we did in the past.

I eventually succeeded by wrapping it across a equidistant azimuthal projection… but still.. wasn’t quite the “it” I wanted. But close enough.

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