I forget that I was lucky to have had some exposure young, rather than growing up isolated.

Thank you for clarifying. That’s what I thought too. My mother (American) was married to an an Egyptian from Cairo back in the 1980s for a few years here in the USA. The marriage didn’t work out but my mother has kept the last name (Bekheet).

When i hear people who are anti-middle-eastern on these forums, the amount of misinformation is surprising to me, but I forget that I was lucky to have had some exposure young, rather than growing up isolated.


Indeed – and the people who complain about American involvement for money aren’t wrong. They’re correct. American media does not show this, of course.

My mother was lucky enough to visit Egypt for a month in 1984. Her husband had cousins that lived in poorer sections, so she was able to experience both the rich and the poor areas first hand. His cousin’s house did not have a roof but the nice weather made it ok, and that’s where she stayed.

She experienced very little discrimination. Her sneakers were frowned upon because they looked ugly and unfashionable but most people in both affluent and poorer areas treated her ok. Random children loved practicing American English with her.

She had a *little* discrimination but not much. Occasionally an Egyptian women would let the door close on her when she was walking behind, and a couple of Egyptian men said a few mean things, but those were uncommon.

But she was embarrassed by other Americans who came over. They were demanding, rude, and pushy and she understood where the phrase, “Ugly Americans” came from.


The US is a very affluent country and we usually can’t see it ourselves. We have many laws here to protect people’s safety and even though they are not perfect, they work well and people are well protected.

I would not visit Egypt right now. But someday the political craziness will be over and peace will settle again. It usually does.



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