I feel bad because he has to wake up in the morning an asshole.

I feel bad because he has to wake up in the morning an asshole. He goes to bed an asshole. He dreams asshole dreams and all the waking hours an asshole.

Maybe he wanted to be in the demolition derby as a kid but his parents forced him to be a lawyer (or whatever he is). He’s obviously not fit for his profession and should quit.


Thanks. We were all kids once with dreams. I see him as a scared little boy who learned a few coping skills for maintaining the apparition of composure. But he can’t hold himself together and strikes out physically at people sometimes. It’s sad. Really really sad.


Oh, I believe in free will. I also believe the probability of “redeeming” some people is close to the zero mark. I’ve seen sociopathic toddlers who grow up to be sociopathic adults. How it goes.

Yet, even in their cases, even sociopaths know the rules. They might not “be good” out of normal human empathy, but they CAN be good at least in the same way that “corporate ethics” work

Fear of lawsuit / fear of punishment / fear of loss of liberty can make people behave good, even if they haven’t a good bone in their bodies.

The free will is there. Maybe were not creatures of reason. Maybe we _are_ guided by genetics. But I think the Catholic church got this one right: Age of reason is 7. Doesn’t mean 7 year olds should be hauled off to juvie for misbehaving. But are they aware of right/wrongness? Sure.


I believe my position on the matter successfully covers all points so well that debate is impossible. There. Something to debate : whether I succeeded or failed at that P


We appear to not only be in total agreement but also very well versed in our stances on this issue, which really isn’t much of an issue, when properly fleshed out.

Nicely stated. I don’t like to use “we” much because I don’t like speaking for someone else without their say-so, however, I will step on a limb and say “we”.


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