I fake smart good. I’m good with words

I fake smart good. I’m good with words. I know how to sound convincing and convince people of things with words. I should be a political writer but I hate politics.

One trick: Mention something they said. Make metaphor/analogy connecting it to something REALLY unexpected so they have to think. Confusion. Result: I look smart.


Yup. Same here. I’m lost with a blank piece of paper. I need a conversation. I pick a few words that look important and run with it. Always works.


I vaguely remember something about Shannon’s law I read in high school. Something about the redundancy of English and that most communication is just fluff. The actual important stuff requires very few words and even sometimes not even words.


I played around with CB Radio in the 80s before I got my first modem in ’89 and liked to try to skip the signal across the clouds and talk to people much further than 5 miles away. Communication was difficult as we’d only get a few words back and forth to each other, sometimes just a tone of voice. It was enough. That’s when I read up on Shannon and commuinication, signal noise and stuff. Didn’t care about the math but the concepts were gold.


A razor? vibrations and a hairspring? I’m trying to picture how. Fascinating. I built one set from Radio Shack and got AM but never could do the soldering kits. Always cold solder. Loved boy scouts though. Wanted to do the build-your-own-radio stuff but no help around, but at least I learned morse + braille on my own from it. I guess I was more into the language side. I can build plug-together things but I was a wire-wrapper and never could get to the level of soldering correctly… not for lack of trying.


fucking awesome…. jealousy-level 100 here. I loved making electromagnets – I was good at wrapping cylinders and making them as powerful as possible.


I’ve made a few decent antennas from scratch though. I still have a shortwave radio hanging around. On nights where the internet is dull (never anymore), I’d listen in and try to make sense. I’m also pro at finding good cellphone reception spots. I’m patient with making my arm do various contortions to catch the signal from the sky.


cool. I’m of the “use what works for you” mentality about that so that’s awesome smile emoticon

Mine is: 3rd grade to control stutter, had to learn to pause b4 speaking and while speaking.

5th grade: Biofeedback. 1983. I had to control a computer with my mind and make tones go up and down. You can BET that fed into my ego that “I can make a computer do anything with my mind”. Because I can. My mind, a little cleverness and some typing. Total ego boost for an 11 yr old.

Used “QR technique” – doesn’t exist anymore, but basically guided meditation/breathing stuff. Control anxiety. It worked enough.

late teens: Learned vipasana meditation from a book.

mid/late 20s – got into Eastern Orthodoxy – the mystical stuff. jesus prayer, noetic prayer, putting your mind in your heart, stuff like that.

Can’t do binural stuff though. No hearing in left ear, right ear only goes to 5000hz (premie). Blind in right eye, poor vision in left. Diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Special school ’til 5. Entered normal school. Nobody can tell. No medicine either, just brain plasticity effectiveness through good physical therapy at the right time.


Something messed up with the brain causes muscles to work wrong. Intellect is usually fine. Bad cases are in wheelchairs and can’t move or speak. I’m lucky and grateful to have had good people to help. No signs at all but there’s probably some rewired section of my brain somewhere.



What did I get? I’d like to have good ears and eyes. Two messed up inputs I have to work around 16 hrs a day. I have perfect pitch but I have to use my mind to hear octaves that go higher than 5000hz.


Yeah, I doubt anybody really ‘gets it all’. Maybe they do, I dunno. I’m just grateful the pauli exclusion principle keeps working so my ass doesn’t go through this chair to the center of the earth at any given moment. Thought crosses my mind more than it should but I ignore it most of the time. Anxiety issues never leave but they can at least get to a dull murmur.


Oh I don’t want sympathy. You have it worse than me. You have no escape. I avoid ppl as much as possible. Had to go to tiny private school because the throngs of ppl that liked to provoke me would do it all day long. Even in the private school (poor was helpful there), there’d always be one or two that would provoke me. They knew my buttons and pushed freely.

No, I can’t complain. I wouldn’t want to have to deal with that stuff again.

You know what helps me? I don’t talk to people who try to provoke me. I still get them here. I smile now and nod my head and let them try. I make myself look stupid on purpose until they give up trying. I refuse to be emotionally manipulated.

Takes lots of practice. I’m still working on it. No, you have it worse. I get to do stupid stuff like this in public because I dont’ care as much. Unthinkable at one time:


I could never be a dictator. I make a good diplomat though. When there’s a crisis, I’m the guy that stands in the middle and settles it so nobody’s happy but everybody’s ‘ok’ with each other again. It knocks the shit out of me, but I’m good at it.


Well I don’t know where my knowledge comes from but seems similar here. An analogy is when I sit at the piano and play: I just play. I don’t have a plan. I don’t know what I’m going to play. I just let the notes do their thing. I can play for hours on end. Been a while since I played but it’s like a muse thing. “Flow”. I get into “flow” states really quickly, although they’re easily jostled.

Anyway, my life’s kinda like that.

I think of humanity as overgrown children and treat them as such but I guess I’m more nurture type. No, I know I am. I cut the lines firm when I must but I allow a LOT of leeway ’til then. Ppl gotta figure thing out for themselves ’cause I’m not gonna be there to give orders but I *can* watch and guide and cut firm lines when necessary.

You should hear me yell at the bears though. There’s a family of bears that’ been coming by past few days. I have a dictator voice like nobody here’s heard. 12 ppl at this house and they’re always shocked to hear me roar but those bears are going to LEAVE NOW and listen to me, and they always do.


You got your path and it’s nothing like mine and neither is my path like yours. I’m just another know-it-all type who think they got all the answers but doesn’t know shit. No sarcasm there – I know I’m like that.



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