I express. That’s about all I do really.

I don’t know many poets; I don’t even know if I’d be a “good” poet honestly. I’m like a strange kind of living neural sponge; I absorb what comes at me and my brain configures knowledge the way it does.

Tests have put me at 100% Creative. I don’t even know what that would be “as opposed to”, but I accept that it’s likely true.

I wander; I meander. Something looks interesting? I follow it. I like to go as far as I can go until I’m bored. Then I stop.

Writing is my voicebox. I don’t like talking much, although I can. What you see written here is likely how I’d say it aloud, if anyone would listen long enough.

So I turn to writing. Intonation has to be implied; I have no idea if it conveys properly.

I express. That’s about all I do really.

I avoid poetic writing as I think people would find it tiring for such, the impossibility to convey, the way the words I say, go up and down in whatever which way. It’s weird to most, and so I don’t, yet speaking also escapes me still, the speech I speak is in my mind, as limitations of written word haven’t music – the comma, the dash, the whitespace, my only thrill.

Such as it is. smile emoticon

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