I experimented with Kefir a few years ago

I experimented with Kefir a few years ago. I got some seeds from someone online and grew it. It has a LOT of probiotic stuff – and some of it stays with you, whereas yogurt passes through you.

I’d love to see studies of the colonies in Kefir. You grow it in milk but you can also grow it in water – it makes a fizzy drink. I kept it up for about a year or so before getting bored with it: It grew so much that I was making gallons of it and couldn’t drink more than a quart or so a day…. and nobody else in the house would touch the stuff.

Kefir grows at room temperature. Also have a yogurt maker.. haven’t touched that in a few years either. Also super easy to use. The secret to making greek yogurt is draining. You put a coffee filter in a funnel or sieve and put the yogurt in that. Let the whey drain into a cup. After about a day, most of the water is gone and what’s left is greek yogurt.

Stuff’s cheap enough that you can buy it yourself. Cabot’s the cheapest brand around here. I gotta get back into it.

I never went full health nut but I like experimenting sometimes tongue emoticon

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