I don’t think they’d use that today as the world has gotten more prudish.

My nephew’s 5th grade (Florida) health class last year had everybody assigned body parts. They did one for both, one for boys only and one for girls only. They each got a BIG sign with an illustration on it. Mr. Penis. Mr. Testicles. etc.

This year in 6th grade they’re getting a little more detailed. Not quite the level of that video though.

I still remember my 7th grade in the 80s. We saw a hysterically funny cartoon that was full of cartoon nudity, exaggerated bodies and odd situation.

I don’t think they’d use that today as the world has gotten more prudish. That video up there is the kind of thing they would’ve shown in the Netherlands in the 70s but they’ve always been progressive and rational with this stuff.


8+ sounds about right too. Remember that puberty starts for some around the age of 8 even if they’re on the early side it’s still in the expected range of possibilities. These days though, parents are more likely to give puberty blockers if they have precocious puberty so that their timing can match up to the bell curve of their peers.


I was lucky in that I found “sexuality in the human male” at my public library at 14 and read through Kinsey’s book of statistics and descriptions of the sexuality of human males across the entire spectrum.

So, from that point on, nothing surprised me or could ’cause it’s just statistics.


I was obsessed with the question “What is Normal?” [as in: “Am I normal compared to my peers?” so I ended up looking through a lot of psychology books in middle school at the library. Even though some of it was over my head, most of it wasn’t hard to understand and it was fascinating to me.




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