I don’t think social pressures are necessary. Are you talking about a guilt-based economy?

I don’t think social pressures are necessary. Are you talking about a guilt-based economy?

In any case, if you so insist on “big”, automate.

“You want to be thought of as someone who pulls his weight “

That’s “protestant work ethic”, a peculiarity that’s quite strong in Puritan USA.



“Idle hands are the devil’s workshop”. It’s straight from Puritan Colonial times –> 21st century USA.
 Offshoots of that way of thinking is:
Office busywork.
Mandatory schools.
Loitering laws. (you can’t just ‘STAND” in a place – DO SOMETHING)
Even new age “FIND YOUR PURPOSE” books are related.”Do what you love and the money will follow”. All Puritan thinking.
 a) Hunter Gather was old fashioned by Egyptian times.b) “Stay busy or the boss will get mad” is not a universal thing.
  Inserting US peculiarities into world history is a bit ridiculous.
  Anyway, isn’t “Pull your weight” more of a socialist thing?
 It may. But it’s far removed from us. The closest we have us:
a) communities without work
b) school kids who form groups freely (sort of), some of whom exert pressures
c) church / other volunteer groups, who definitely use guilt as a motivator.
But they all operate within the same puritan work ethic when located in the USA.I think more effective comparisons would be to look at industrialized nations more accustomed to lack of ‘work’.Ireland, Scotland, England, Spain, Russia to start. They’re close enough to familiar to USA but you’ll find much different attitudes regarding a US style work ethic. It’s not shared.
 I’d say USA and China have MUCH more in common in this regard than USA and Europe.
 Yeah, it’s Barcelona. They’re the home of the biggest squatter communities in the world, with politics way more extreme than you’ll find in any US university.
 Only reason that I know about it is : https://guifi.net/en which is “Commons Telecommunications Network
Open, Free and Neutral ” – free internet trunks spanning the planet, which started in Barcelona.
 Doesn’t reach me yet though. But as long as they keep at it, it will someday, if they can break through the corporate stronghold in the US internet.
typical internet is:
Govt control
Corp control
Academic / Scientific control
Volunteer control.
Acad/Sci often falls into Govt or Corp or both but it can be independent.

It’s a decent reach. All these places have free internet.

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