I don’t think Science advocates need to kill ANY other field of knowledge. I think it is a wrong approach.

Thank you for sharing this. I think it’s very important that this continues to be brought up: A few of the bigwigs in Science advocacy have repeatedly tried to kill Philosophy and many people who follow them believe it without further questioning it.

I don’t think Science advocates need to kill ANY other field of knowledge. I think it is a wrong approach.


I cheated and went to his website and did a little speed-reading on it tongue emoticon

I’m glad my post was useful to you – and thank you for letting me know that it was. People who battle Philosophy > Science and Science > Philosophy are in a battle that is unhelpful for both fields.

Science is useful, good, pragmatic, practical, effective. It is a community effort and has helped give us some amazing new insights into the Universe and ourselves.

Technology, Engineering and Mathematics have each ALSO contributed greatly as has Industry.

Yet Philosophy, at the very least a Philosophy of Science is a very necessary companion for guidance, especially when we start dealing in matters that touch on morality, consciousness, experience, reason.

I think part of the problem in the past few years is in our education about “What Science Is or rather, What Science is Not”. Science is _not_ engineering, but they are often companions. Science is _not_ mathematics, but they are often companions, especially in physics. Science is _not_ technology and industry.

In the USA, I was disappointed when the concept of STEM came out and started being promoted. It completely mixes them together. My nephew knows the difference: He won third place in something in 4th grade last year and his grandmother and mother were saying “Oh that’s STEM right?” and he was very clear to say, “No, it’s Engineering.”.

So there’s some hope. At least he sees the clear difference and perhaps his teacher was teaching it properly. I wish media would get it right, but I don’t think they ever did.

Oh well, I’m ranting and going off topic smile emoticon 5am here. Just wanted to say “Thanks again!” for sharing this.

Mind you, if someone asked, “Philosophy degree, Mathematics degree or Science degree?” I’d say “Engineering” in a heartbeat tongue emoticon


[it’s the toughest of them all but you’re GONNA get work with it – I think. I never got one myself, but engineers always seem to find employment]



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