I don’t think of “free will” as “free wants”.

Well I think the conditioning model is incomplete. Rather than stimulus/response, I think there are overlaying systems, each which pass some messages back and forth but not in a simple “dead frog leg jerk” response either.

All the proofs of the things I can’t do, don’t take away from what I can do. My biological limitations don’t take away free will.

For example: I’m 1/2 deaf and 1/2 blind. I have cognitive issues such as not having an intuition for “what people infer”. So, I have to do it consciously.

Yet, I can’t hear over 5000 hz in my good ear. Biological deficiency.

But, I can hear octaves HIGHER than 5000 hz in my brain. I have perfect pitch, so I know how high I can go, which is very.

How can my brain hear sounds my ears have never been capable of receiving?

it can.

I don’t think of “free will” as “free wants”. If I “want” to hear the ‘ba-ba’ but seeing ‘da-da” confuses my meaning processing systems, it’s not lack of free will.

Free will isn’t being able to accomplish everything you want.

It’s choice.

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