I don’t think it’s the end of Common Core per se but what it *will* do is allow the States and local authorities to have greater control over their local situations. We TRIED massive ongoing testing. Lots of data poured in over the past 12+ years. But this data was on the backs of students and teachers who were already overloaded. It’s not that Common Core was/is bad in THEORY, but it was the application that was… not so good at all. This will be a tremendous help for students, as there will be less benchmarking and teachers will have a chance to get their creativity back. Will it make some states worse? It might. Will it make some states better? It might. But it’s time to let the birdies fly free from the nest again to see how they do. The lowest level schools will STILL get major direct Federal help and it’s not like states are being abandoned: They’re getting empowered.

NBC News via http://nbcnews.to/1lxJgzs

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