I don’t think it is an intrinsic but rather an extrinsic situation.

Superiority tax because whites can afford it. — yeah, I can see that.

except.. I can’t agree with “the objectively superiority” of whites… I don’t think whites are objectively superior. Rather, it’s objectively apparent that whites have been in superior positions. I don’t think it is an intrinsic but rather an extrinsic situation.


ok, I was just clarifying. I think the main difference between white privilege on one hand and white power superiority on the other hand, lies between extrinsic (“the white privilege that’s systemic, but the system can change”) vs intrinsic (“white people are scientifically superior because… [x], [y], [z]”)


awesomeness! I got to go there once. I was there for a week – someone’s wedding. Went from one coast to the next. Stayed in a castle hotel. Very cool. SO close to the arctic circle… the grass is more shades of green than I’ve ever seen. Being 6′ tall, I could see clear to the ocean (they’re not a tall ppl).

It was my only overseas trip. Plane travel too long. But I’m glad I did it once.


My only exposures to NZ are kids who played on my Minecraft server years ago: when it was 4am my time, it was after school for them. They had MOUTHS on them – the girls and boys equally.

I let them curse freely on ‘their time’ until one day an American got on with them and was shocked at their language…. and I had to put on a profanity filter.


I know. I tried explaining that: I wanted ppl to feel free to talk how they wanted, so long as nobody was being abusive. [one guy was stalkish and I had to ban him but overall, people behaved].

But Americans are prudes. Deep down prudes. Even at our most foul mouthed and aggressive, it doesn’t compare language-wise to what other English primary speaking speaking nations can do.


Well… Facebook is a… special place. They enforce “offensive” as strongly as Youtube enforces copyright claims. (ie – too much)


I never got good at it. I was good at hosting a server, setting up the background stuff, making things run smoothly. I *did* get good at a bow and arrow and in hack and slash until they changed the timing in 1.8 or 1.9, enforcing a cool down period to make it more challenging. It did. I only do combat stuff with my ne sometimes: when I go in, it’s like a giant 3D canvas I can do stuff with. I get some idea in my head (like, “Gee, I wonder if I can do a Youtube 360? But I don’t have a 360 degree camera or a mirror ball handy”) – and then I remember I have Minecraft.


1st year I had Factions on one of the worlds. Man, what a mess it was. Started off with two main worlds, not knowing what I was doing… a Creative World and a Survival/Factions world.

After a year, I had to shut down the survival world…. it was wrecked. I still have it… I’m afraid to open it up and look at it (it’s been like 3 yrs since I’ve seen it).

In the end, it became a Roleplaying/Creative server. Never dreamed roleplaying would take over like it did. I just let the community evolve however it did. All total, ended up with 27,000 unique users visiting over 25 months… good memories.

I wish I did smile emoticon I have an iPhone 5s – which is kinda special to me (I like it). I discovered that Google Street View lets you take “Photo Spheres”. Then I used Youtube’s “360 metadata injector”, and then put it here on Facebook, and it worked smile emoticon

I think android phones have a “Photosphere” app that’s separate that does the same thing. It’s pretty cool smile emoticon


They have a bubble attachment but it doesn’t quite do it. The 360 video thing seems to require a separate camera altogether alas.

I *did* see a technique that uses a mirror ball that you hold in front of the camera that can work. Like a Christmas ball or something. I did one experiment a little bit with that, and when I get my hands on a mirrored ball I’ll try more.



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