I don’t see race as a significant issue in world history until around the 16th century, give or take.

You’re justifying racism by blaming it on other people.
You showed a video twice that said “Morgan Freeman solves the race problem”.

Ok. He solved it. Don’t bring up race as an issue and it stops being an issue.

THEN you imply that ‘they’ are still talking about it, ‘they’ are continuing the racism, but what’s missing here?

Your own accountability.

You continue to bring up race as an issue, talking phenotypes and such while wanting ONLY “people of color” to listen to Morgan Freeman but not yourself.

Can you see why this looks like very strange behavior?


In the USA, there is a thing as race. In the USA there is a thing as white privilege.

I suspect this is also an issue in some other countries as well. South Africa comes to mind. A few Western and Eastern European countries have issues with racism.

I know Australia does as well.

But I see each of these as distinct LOCAL issues, somewhat unique to each nation.

Historically, people are more likely to be divided in OTHER ways.

Religious alliance is one. Or what nation they come from. Their group alliances and such and most importantly, what Family line they come from. All more or less the same idea.

I don’t see race as a significant issue in world history until around the 16th century, give or take.

Anything before that, it’s better to speak of national differences or religious alliance differences.

So, in some contexts race does make a difference.

In other contexts, such as “Was Plato White?” is nearly a meaningless question.


On computers, separated paragraphs look nicer. On phones, having a single paragraph for everything looks better.

I like white-space.


Me, personally, I’m glad to be in the USA. I’m glad to be “American white”. Male. 6′ tall. Beard. Even glasses gives me a “nerd privilege”: People listen to me when I talk because I have glasses and am an active listener, so people assume I’m smart and worth listening to.

Silly fools.


Oddly, I like when I’m talking in a group and someone says, “What’s he talking about?” and someone else replies, “Just let him finish. He does that.”


I *personally* find the narrative of “white supremacy” being the reason for a number of historical events to be rather ridiculous.

I tend to think in terms of nations and their actions against other nations.

When I think of racism, I think of local problems. The US has a race problem unique to itself. The whole planet however, does not. Australia has a race problem unique to itself. The whole planet does not.

Local issues.


If there is racism in China (I don’t know if it does or not as I’m not well studied), it has unique particulars that make “Chinese racism” not equivalent to “American racism”.

In the USA for example, racism is typically structured among Americans vs Americans.

Racism in Australia however, tends to be Australians who were put there or migrated from Britain primarily vs Asian immigrants. Or between historically placed (or migrated) British vs the Aboriginee peoples.

We may call each of them “racism”, but I don’t think it’s particularly meaningful to do so and globalize it.

Each country has unique internal issues to itself with regards to a thing that happens to be called racism in each case, but, except for some broad spectrum commonalities like bigotry, they’re not really equivalent.


The “four race split” via 19th century Science, for example, is not universal. It never was universal. It’s accepted in a very few countries. Other countries have their own racial lines.


In the USA, there is a race problem. Everybody has stories to tell how they were either a victim or a perpetrator of it and usually both.

It’s not always about class separation, nor necessarily even primarily.

However, it _could_ be argued, in your favor, that public perception of racism is based UPON a perceived class separation that seems to follow color lines, which would place primacy to class separation, or at least pubic perception of it, over color lines… or at least place race and class separation in the same bucket of, “perceived differences”, yet I think they’ll still separate within that bucket like oil and water.

Now that Ive said that, please admonish me for talking in circles.



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