I don’t mind sounding similar. We actually have MANY similar interests. He just goes about ALL of it the wrong way.

I don’t mind sounding similar. We actually have MANY similar interests.

He just goes about ALL of it the wrong way.


Take every subject he touches upon, FLIP IT, and you got me.


Really though. If he took a page from his own advice material, he’d man up a bit.

Dude needs everyone to see him as a victim.


Victim. He’s got a huge following, best selling book and he continues complaining. He needs to be the bad guy so he can be the reluctant hero and he knows it. He’s pulling the archetype thing. Nothing novel.


I don’t know anything about lawsuits. I don’t follow him. I go by what I hear from his supporters. “Poor JP”. Always framed in victim-of-the-system terms.



I go by influence and effect. Why is he a name at all? Fanboys. What’s his effect? Look at the fanboys.
  I know he saw himself a victim during that first Canadian thing where he misread a law about workplace discrimination. For a smart guy, he was barking up the tree wrong there.That’s when I first heard of him.
  Ah you’re right. Wow, it was September 2016 he went on the warpath. Feels older than that.
 WAIT – no no , it goes further back for me. Ah.. this is my bias.https://www.amazon.com/Maps-Meaning…/dp/0415922224I was into religious stuff back in the early 00s and I’d always had a fascination with archetypes, particularly Campbells take on Jung.But I didn’t ‘get’ this. It SOUNDED like it would be good, but he took all the same raw material I had grown up with too and constructed it in a much different way than I would have.That’s what started me off but it was a lot more years until I heard his name again.But I had this on my bookshelf. I bought it. Was disappointed.

I mean, I HAD to buy it. Just look at the inside flap?“Why would people in different places and times formulate myths and stories with similar symbols and meanings? Are groups of people with different religious or ideological beliefs doomed to eternal conflict? Are the claims of science and religion truly irreconcilable? What might be done to decrease the individual propensity for group-fostered cruelty? Maps of Meaning addresses these questions with a provocative new hypothesis that explores the connection between what modern neuropsychology tells us about the brain and what rituals, myths and religious stories have long narrated. Peterson’s ambitious interdisciplinary odyssey draws insights from the worlds of religion, cognitive science and Jungian approaches to mythology and narrative. Maps of Meaning offers a critical guide to the riches of archaic and modern thought and invaluable insights into human motivation and cognition.”


So yeah, I’d had a bias from long prior to PROBABLY not like much of what he had to say. He took all the stuff I liked and twisted it around into something I could not recognize.


Peterson and I grew up in a similar era. He’s only a dozen years my senior and while he was Canada and I was New Jersey, I guarantee we both saw Power of Myth and were into Campbell and the Jung stuff that was hot in the 80s and early 90s.

I was just a teenager while he was doing his Master’s or PhD work probably but I’ll bet we were BOTH glued to our respective TVs during the Bill Moyer’s Power of Myth series — which was amazing at the time. That kind of stuff was NEVER on TV so it was special.

Why did he go center-right white guy=normal while I went diversity-is-good-embrace-differences? I dunno.



https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Power_of_Myth This was amazing for TV, even public broadcasting. WAY deeper than anything I ever saw on TV.
That was 1988, I was 16.
Jordan Peterson was 26.
I already read Hero of a Thousand Faces — my grandmother was into Campbell and so I was too.
So this was icing on the cake. I’d already figured out Star Wars archetypes, wrote about it in 9th grade. Seeing Campbell was like seeing the demigod of myth, the guy that could tie ALL religion and mythology together.
So yeah, I don’t know about anybody else but for me, Peterson is competition of peers basically.
 I often go down levels when I fall asleep. It’s accompanied by a “whum-whum-whum” on the sides of my temples, pulling me slowly down through layers.

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