I don’t like transactional-ppl-r-greedy views but i’ve learned to explain myself within that context tonight.


  • If I saw the world moulded on my immediate relations, Robert, then I would see things exactly as you do.

    But I don’t. I see things from my perspective, which is different from those around me.
  • Kenneth Udut Robert Fuge Greed is a problem for greedy people and for those who care about greed.

    I see greed, I’m surrounded by greed. It annoys me. Pisses me off even. But I don’t model all of humanity as if they are all greedy.

    Instead, I model humanity after myself.
  • Kenneth Udut Robert Fuge In the big picture, the world sucks. It’s also awesome. I know the greed is there. There will always be greedy people. There will also always be giving people. There will be people who don’t care either way. A simple model of the world is great and all but if it doesn’t reflect reality, then it’s just a simple model, where all people are greedy, and there is no other option.
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  • Kenneth Udut Robert Fuge Thank you by the way. I never know my thoughts on something until challenged, and you challenged my thoughts and I learned. My greed for self-betterment has been satisfied and this was an effective transaction in which I benefited greatly.


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