I don’t like straying too far away from 7-bit ASCII.

I’m more of a generalist than a specialist yet I like to go as deep as I can when I look into things. Yet ,I have limits. When I get “too deep” into something, I can end up staying there for a long time. Math can have that power over me which is why I have to slide past the formulas. I say I can’t read them but that’s not entirely true. I choose not to read them. I’ll read an equivalent if it’s presented in pseudo-code but I’ve always had this strange bias against mathematical notation. I don’t like straying too far away from 7-bit ASCII. [even 8-bit is a bit much sometimes]. I’m just weird like that.


I have the same bias with sheet music. Since I was a kid I’d say “I can’t read sheet music” but that’s a lie. I can read it. I just don’t want to. Yet, present the same music as square blocks, squiggles, punched holes in a piece of paper, anything BUT musical notes? I’ll read it gladly.


You’re right. My problem is that I’m a specialist seeking specialities.

I want to see how phenomenon apply as broadly as possible without falling into a trap of oversimplifying systems. [example: If I start seeing Fibonacci everywhere, I have to stop and instead I focus on the awkward meeting spaces between the physical spiral meeting areas, places where there’s lack of consensus and confusion and things aren’t so clear-cut]



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