I don’t like her foreign policy but that’s what she’s inheriting

She knows what she’s doing. Her heart is in the right place. As a politician, she has to make horrible decisions that can end up with dead people. This is a part of running a country. As Secretary of State she already had experience making the kinds of decisions *I* could never make in a million years.

I respect highly her work with children and families. Some of the acts she’s fought for and passed *do* mean something to me.

Do I agree with her on everything? No. But some of the things she’s going to have to do are issues that have been going on for many many decades, and a short four-eight year presidency can’t fix those once-and-for-all overnight.

I understand the Trump temptation. How many politicians have claimed they were going to “clean house” and “run government efficiently”? But, that’s just not possible. Things are how they are. The waters are choppy and we need a Captain whose been through the rough seas before. I have no hesitation in handing her the Captain’s hat.

I don’t like her foreign policy but that’s what she’s inheriting. Any drastic changes in course will be vetoed by Congress or met with hesitancy by the armed forces. A President can only do so much and we don’t elect a Pharaoh. We elect a President. She’ll do fine.



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