. I don’t know how she did it… but it’s like getting tangled up in a web.

oh wow… this is heavy stuff on this forum.. they had to make the split. NC. No Contact. Wow. I’ve known a few who had to go that route through the years: Some even have restraining orders against their mothers or fathers…. usually mothers.

One case was really bad. Real messed up family. Both adult children have restraining orders against the mother, who has a way of coercing people… very creepy lady. I used to talk to her long ago before they had the restraining order against their mom..

She’d be interesting to talk to for a bit.. and then she’d find a way to get under your skin… wrapped up somehow in you. I don’t know how she did it… but it’s like getting tangled up in a web.

She’d steal all her daughter and son’s friends from them… almost stole me… whole thing was strange.


It’s true: and there’s very little anybody can do.
If parents are NEGLECTING physical needs, there’s something that can be done. Social workers. Emancipation.

But if they’re too intrusive in “their children”‘s (think about that phrase) lives, there’s NOTHING the kids can do except rebel or endure the abuse.


In my early 20s, I worked for Radio Shack, a supplier of electronic gadgets and stuff.

One of the most common things I’d see is mothers who came in to by “telephone recording devices”. Spy tech stuff basically. VERY popular among mothers.


They wanted to know what their kids were talking with their friends about.

I had to sell it to them. I felt like a criminal


The boy’s too young for school indoctrination but he’s old enough for Peppa Pig indoctrination so the father would be wise to harden the youngster against intrusive programming.


But wait… what about the high power lines? They’re sending out frequencies which our brains pick up directly and invade our dreams and subonscious at the beta level. We MUST have some protection! If only aluminum came in a millimeter thin sheet we could incorporate it into clothing to protect our nervous systems.. say.. in the form of a hat.


Oh I don’t trust what public relations says. But in my mind, they’re doing CYA not such much to cover up conspiracy but incompetence.


I’m not ignorant of history and not every person who follows alt.history accounts is a conspiracy theorist.

I think it’s when people get wrapped up in it where it takes over their existence that it becomes a social issue. There’s a few issues I’m fond of shaking my fist at, and I’ve had the term conspiracy theorist thrown at me a time or two through the years. Not much but it’s happened. I think it was more a clue that they weren’t interested in what I was selling and that I should change the subject.



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