I don’t know but I think it’s considered an essential service.

I don’t know but I think it’s considered an essential service. I’m going to continue operating as if it’s essential until told otherwise or if I see mention of it.

In lieu of cures, they’re throwing everything at it they can to help people out. Vit C is relatively safe and if it has the potential to help, it’s worth trying.

As the virus is grease-based, anything that cuts crease can help. I know orange oil is a strong degreaser (you can degrease a car engine with straight orange oil, which comes from the rind) but I don’t know about the vitamin C and what properties it has.

I link to 1010wins because that’s an AM radio station in NYC so if they report it, it’s true.


Several major differences:
14 day incubation period. That’s a VERY long time. A lot of it was spread by rich white people who travelled a lot. They got sick right after the initial burst. So, they have access to government figures and politicians and business people for faster help.

The potential is much higher for this one because of how long it is before first symptoms show. It’s not 1 or 2 days.


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