I don’t have the patience to spend hours and days making a piece of music s


lol some of the happy hardcore cracks me up. I *think* this was the era where everybody was wearing pacifiers and that british tv show for babies was everywhere in the rave culture.

Genres never fully die though. Example: deadmau5, who I avoid listening to *because* I really like the style (and I DON’T need to get hooked on one style of music – I need to keep my head clear) – answers the question: “Whatever happened to soft rock?” “Whatever happened to New Age? “Whatever happened to ambient music?” “Where did synth pop go?”

and deadmau5 answers all those and others. On a related note, EDM answers the question of “Whatever happened to disco?” and “Whatever happened to rave music?” and “Whatever happened to ‘pump up the jam’?”

[I don’t know what deadmau5 is classified as, I just make up my own classifications]


Yeah, I knew he wasn’t EDM – as that’s Avicii and the Animals guy — I like that stuff too… but couldn’t think of his genre. I noticed I tend to like most genres with “progressive” in the names. Progressive rock for example.

Oh! That was the first one I was going to share as an example – this is the song I think of when I think of deadmau5 — like you’re falling slowly down a hill but you’re fine with it because you’re kind of floating too.


ah yes – captures the same kind of feel. love the repetitiveness of it. I have a ‘thing’ for use of arpeggiators and the LFO1 + 2 slowly turning left and right (where the filters go from that closed/to/open feeling like your ears are starting to clog up but then they open again feeling…

I don’t have the patience to spend hours and days making a piece of music so I don’t usually bother but sometimes I get a bug in me. The other week, I found a way to extract chord estimations from a WAV file, then took that and ran it through a weird little arpeggiator widget I came across. My computer’s too crappy to do any good music production and again, no patience) but this was easy and fast to go from idea to finish. I like getting raw ideas out and moving on…. I admire people who can spend long periods of time working on a single piece of music.



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