I don’t have a strong opinion about Venezuela. Are we invading a country AGAIN? Must be oil. Usually is.

I don’t have a strong opinion about Venezuela.Are we invading a country AGAIN? Must be oil. Usually is.
  US makes humanitarian excuse,
Brings in “consultants” (corporations)
Scopes for oil.
Saudi’s usually involved somehow.
A people get murdered and displaced.
US goes , “Oh no, we can’t successfully establish a neolibertarian regime,… AGAIN”
and we get cheap labor/oil/etc.
 Oh I did hear something about that. Various countries split along typical lines for “WE SUPPORT ELECTION” and ‘ELECTION WAS FRAUD” stuff.
 ^ my opinion still holds and a bunch of old farts struggling to shit out unity isn’t impressive when both the majority D and R are warmongers as always every single freakin’ time.
 Hidden Tribes puts me at “Progressive Activist”.
For my Florida 2018 election, I FINALLY bit the bullet and registered Democrat, as the Florida Progressive Caucus is under the umbrella of the Florida Democratic Party.
When I look at Democrat and Republican politicians I evaluate each’s pros and cons. There’s aspects of some Republican politicians I respect and some of Democrat politicians I respect but none of that’s my “tribe”.I finally grew up and realized, “It’s ok to do a party label if it gets you voting rights for primaries.” – and I can ethically do it because I’m 75-80% ok with Progressive Caucus platform although not all of it.So, whenever someone tries baiting me into a Republican vs Centrist vs Democrat, it’s silly. I’m way way way left of any of that stuff.https://hiddentribes.us/profiles/progressive-activists

 Trump is a politician.
I do not respect him.
All those folks in that WSJ article are also politicians.
I do not respect them.Why?
Simple.I do not respect politicians.

I’ll have SOME extra opinions now and again. I like AOC. David and Goliath situations are always fascinating. I liked the guy I wanted as Fl Gov. Andrew Gillum. Still like him.

But, I don’t have respect for politicians. That’s anywhere, anytime, any of them. If you WANT to hold public office and go through the required meatgrinders WILLINGLY? There’s PROBABLY something wrong with you.

 I don’t believe a thing coming out of this administration’s WH. It’s posturing yap. I tuned it out about a year ago.
  I’m just talking for myself here. I find most politics dull and boring as hell.
Mostly gossip.
  I have particular criteria for “Is this worth my paying attention to?”

Did a thing actually happen? Y/N?

That eliminates most WH yapping and left center and right wing media.


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