I don’t harbor resentment against people who *are able* to go through academia.

The only reason I’m a little bitter about the education system is that I would’ve excelled at it. By nature, I’m an academic. I should be holed up in the library stacks working on my 7th Doctorate by now.

But then again: I’ve been online since 1989 and have 26 years straight of engaging with people from around the world and comparing their opinions with mine and adjusting as needed.

[I mean, I worked and slept and ate and pooped a little inbetween too]

I don’t harbor resentment against people who *are able* to go through academia. I think it’s marvelous! I’d have loved it. But you really have to have all your ducks lined in a row for it to happen properly. Your financial ducks. Your life situation ducks. Parental income, age, gender, race, credit worthiness… THESE are the things that get people into higher education and keep some people out of higher education.

I don’t care for myself. I excelled through the Internet. But there’s forgotten geniuses out there – people WAY smarter than me… who never stood a chance. They could be curing cancer in a University lab but they had an unsupportive family, or shitty guidance counsellors, or a bad girlfriend or boyfriend that held them back.

and yes, it looks like a logically contradicted myself. “the only reason is for myself” and “I don’t care for myself” seem to be incompatible. But they’re not incompatible. I do care for myself and I also don’t. One regards the “might have been” for myself, which is at a FAR lower level than the “never-will-be” for others… because *I* had substitutes for higher education but not everybody has that opportunity. I feel worse for them]

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