I don’t believe in utopias but I’m always learning.

I’ve been enjoying my stay with some new philosopher friends online. I’ve learned about a lot of things and still learning.

What I wrote up top was a bit of a joke, poking fun, comparing philosophy to gossip. It’s actually a noble enough endeavor.

I don’t know Saul Kripke but I’ve got a lot of catching up to do, after _avoiding_ researching philosophy for, well, my whole life. I didn’t like the language and the the way they went about things. But I was finally ready to give it a shot.

In the end, I’m just searching for “What do I already believe?” as well as “What really matters?” and things like that. I’ve gotten a few good answers.

I realized that I don’t believe in utopias. If you can’t find a small semblence of happiness where you’re at right now, well, you’ve got the wrong outlook on your life. It doesn’t mean life’s perfect nor does it mean one shouldn’t shoot for goals for the future. But if it leaves a warpath of destruction behind you, no matter what the noblest of intentions, then it becomes just another “Save the planet by stepping on someone’s face”/”We’re better than Them” situation.

pursuit of utopian dreams seems to lead to worse things than better, once the utopian dreamers have a sense of power where they feel they can make change – and they do.

I believe in synonyms. A lot of problems can be solved through synonyms. Hawking is worried about AI taking control? Well, then to me, AI = Hawking’s God, or Devil as it were. Perhaps the realm of Hawking Radiation, his Heaven. Activating the religious centers of the brain but framed in an entirely different context.

Solves lots of problems. Lots of conflict. Lots of debates that take place over words and meaning and intention and all that stuff.

I think the Court systems waste a lot of time figuring out Intent. You can’t know Intent. Such a ridiculous endevour. But I can’t change the courts, or assumptions that lie behind English Common Law or its derivitives.

Hardest thing for me is to “keep searching”. So many times I want to “stop” and say, “Ok, here’s the guy! Found him!”, whether philosophy, science, mentor figure, etc. But then I find a fatal flaw that I can’t get past, so i take the good and move on. I found a few though.

In the process, I’m trying to come up with “me”, as reflected in the thought of others, in their ways of thinking in their assumptions, etc.

I don’t expect to figure it all out for everybody; but at least I can try to figure out myself and then at least be able to express myself to the world in a better and better fashion that’s authentically me (as it always was) yet also backed up by stronger authorities who were also “mes” and combining their training and expertise, they give a clearer voice about “me” than I could.

So, it’s been a fun experiment so far.

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