I do the normal me_irl reddit thing, and pay attention a little to youtube trends but I won’t go into overly toxic lands.


I do the normal me_irl reddit thing, and pay attention a little to youtube trends but I won’t go into overly toxic lands.

the chans are kind of stuck in 2011 + 2015 simultaneously, occasionally producing something worthy but that’s only once it goes through some overton filtering of the places it succeeds in spreading to.

Mostly I’m waiting for Vine2. Memes that don’t move + have sound are usually dull and I’m making do with iFunny + a handful of Instagram creators to fill in the gaps for now.

probably. I’m not dedicated to me_irl, they’re just commons and forced (much like iFunny). I mostly just don’t want to be stupid with my starts prattling off something he saw. He’s always a little behind in memes (a month usually), so I try to stay ahead. He always gets me on youtube memes though… that takes too much dedication to stay on top of.

I mostly like the oversaturated, bubbly ones. I consider them roblox/spongebob level, and I like the irony in a lot of them.

oh no, I’m on iFunny and I like trash OC. I live for that.

I was a heavy Viner for 3.5 yrs and made all crap. Got 15000 followers too. Was fun. Just made a stupid one an hour ago. Quality’s not my goal.


Hoping for Vine2 soon.. I got good at looping shit.

I only make content. If I make 100 things, 99 will be shit and 1 will spread well. But I just do it for a dozen likes and a few comments now and again and I’m ADHD and get stupid ideas constantly that I have to make. It’s disgusting really but it’s fun.



“well” is relative. I don’t think millions. I think hundreds or maybe thousands but I’m happy with a dozen or 3.

I never ‘did’ reddit all that well though. Never clicked with my brain. On it for 9 yrs and I still barely use it. Same problem with tumblr – just didn’t get the feel for using it well. [it was always just a dump spot for vines anyway]


I usually game social networks. Competition isn’t my thing. I follow low followed people who are earnest. They’re usually grateful and follow back. I build, same formula, ’til I get thousands of followers and new followers tumble in.

But reddit + tumblr don’t work that way, so I never got into that style.


I found it a little slow for me. What we’re doing now, I like. It’s chat-room like. Maybe if I was on a lot of subreddits I’d get hooked, I dunno.

I don’t do the automated things as I’m a p2p kind of person. I like that someone that once was friends with me Orkut will find me and follow me elsewhere, years later. Or an old Google+ friend from 4 yrs ago will show up on my Twitter. That kind of thing. I might get 6000 followers on a thing but I know a *little* something about all of them.


I saw that – a few weeks back – I made one. I’m still thinking about it, poking around. One of my old friends on G+ (son of a friend but I helped him with uncle-type life stuff) disappeared for 3 yrs, shows up on my Twitter last month, is on stop puberty drugs and going to transition, reintroduces me to reddit. So, Im only newly back there. It’s this level of randomness I like – and being remembered if for nothing else being a decent guy.

“hey remember me?” is the kind of stuff I live for.



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